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10 Minute Stretching Routine

We asked Dr Erin Beven (Osteopath), What are the benefits of stretching?

“Stretching has so many benefits, it relieves joint pain and stiffness, reduces muscle spasm, increases energy, reduces stress, increases range of motion, elongates and lengthens muscles, decompresses joints, improves posture, and enhances athletic performance to name a few.” 

We also asked what stretches she tends to do on a daily basis?
Dr Erin Beven (Osteopath) “Whilst I tend to do a lot of Yoga postures and sometimes some quite demanding stretches nowadays, I still come back to a number of basic stretches especially when I’m busy, it’s the basics that keep you functioning well, and they are suited to most people.”

With Erin’s help we have come up with a basic progressive stretching program that make up some of her core stretches, it takes about 10 minutes to do most of the stretches each morning.

This is a general program and remember that stretching should not hurt.

Should you feel pain instead of a gentle stretch, or if you have any injuries please stop and consult one of our team, we may be able to offer you an alternative or a more suitable stretch for your individual needs.

Each stretch is held for between 20-30 seconds.

Never bounce, hold your breath or stretch to the point of pain.