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Pilates Client Agreement

Agreement for care at Gateway Pilates.

The client hereby acknowledges that health information is required to be collected by Gateway Osteopathy & Pilates (‘the practice’) in order to provide effective and appropriate treatment, advice and programming for the client. The client consents to and authorises the collection of such information by the practice and agrees that their health records, scans or investigation results may be obtained and retained by the practice for the purpose of future treatment and programming.

The client also consents to the information being shared between treating practitioners at the practice, and their nominated GP or other treating medical specialist where necessary, to provide the client with appropriate and safe treatment and exercise programming.

I understand that reception staff or instructors may assist me by making recurring bookings for a regular class if one is available, however I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to maintain such bookings to ensure that I am booked ahead for such classes. Due to the nature of the online booking system I acknowledge that if I do not maintain such bookings that I may loose a regular position in a class. I understand that a minimum of 24 hours notice is needed to cancel a class otherwise I may be required to pay for the class in full. I understand that if I frequently cancel a recurring booking that I have either made myself or has been made for me that I may loose this position to another client. I acknowledge that a recurring booking is in no way permanent and specifically if I cancel for four or more weeks any further recurring bookings may be cancelled on my behalf by staff or instructors.

I understand the Pilates classes at Gateway Osteopathy and Pilates are for all capabilities, and the instructor is there to provide specific programming to meet my goals.

I understand that participating in Pilates or other exercise related sessions always carries some level of risk. Such risks may include but may not be limited to, muscular strains, sprains, or tears, or exacerbation of a previous injury (such as disc herniation). I am aware that by providing a thorough history to my instructor I will be assisting them to reduce the likelihood of such an outcome.

I understand and agree that I am in good physical condition and that I have no disability, impairment or ailment preventing me from engaging in active or passive exercise that will be detrimental to heart, safety, or comfort, or physical condition if I engage or participate (other than those items fully discussed earlier in this health history form).

I understand that my instructor will at times be required to physically contact me in order to guide and assist my movements with exercises, I will make them aware if I am not comfortable with this.

I will follow the instructions of the Pilates instructor and will not attempt exercises or activities that I have not been prescribed to me or that I asked or instructed to do.

I understand Gateway Osteopathy & Pilates is in no way a competitive environment and that I must never attempt exercises that I see another person doing without first discussing my personal suitability with the instructor.

I understand that Pilates is a system of exercise in which a participant must qualify with one exercise before graduating to a more difficult version or another exercise.

I understand that Gateway Osteopathy & Pilates operates with a clean sock policy, such that I must bring a clean pair of socks to each class, and that shoes are not to be worn in the training areas.

I understand that this policy may be updated without notice.