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Clinical & Studio Tailored Pilates Programs 

Pilates with a View!

Our studio provides wonderful views of picturesque Eltham, connect with your body and nature.

Beginner to Advanced Pilates

Move better, feel better.

Gateway Pilates Eltham

High Quality Pilates Equipment & Training.
1 Hour Classes – Maximum 4 Participants!

Gateway Osteopathy & Pilates - Eltham

Professional health care in a calm and peaceful environment.


Osteopathy is a system of manual medicine which is based on unique biomechanical principles.  Osteopaths use a wide range of techniques to treat musculo-skeletal problems and other functional disorders of the body.

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Clinical & Studio Pilates

At Gateway Pilates, our Studio Pilates sessions involve the use of the Pilates Reformer, Trapeze table, Wunda chair, Barrel, Mat work and the use of special props such as Spine Correctors, Baby arcs, Foam rollers and magic circles. We have a maximum of 4 participants per class to allow for individualized attention. We also offer…

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Group Choreographed Pilates

At Gateway Pilates we offer small group Choreographed Pilates.  These classes are aimed at using the Pilates Principles for fitness.  Don’t get lost in the crowd, these classes are intimate with no more than 5 participants.  We don’t believe bigger is better ! We believe every participant needs the right level of attention that we feel larger classes simply can’t offer.  Gateway Pilates – Because you’re body deserves it !

* Starting August 2023 !

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