– TEEN MAT PILATES $12.50 per session or 5 sessions for $40 –

 – Attend any of our Mat Pilates Classes – Excluding Pre/Post Natal Classes –

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If you are concerned about your Teenager having poor posture, if they tend to slouch or stoop then Mat Pilates could be the program for them.

If you want him or her to get into good postural, self care and exercise habits and they are aged between 13 and 17?

Then we invite you to book your teenager into any of our Mat Pilates classes.

In Mat Pilates your teenager will learn life long lessons that they can take anywhere.  Pilates is often performed to enhance and improve sports such as golf, gymnastics, dance, swimming, tennis, horse riding, kayaking, basketball, netball and football.

Numbers: We cap our class numbers at 10 per class!

Costs:  First Class FREE, For Teens 13-17 they are $12.50 casually or 5 sessions for $40.

* If you child actually experiences pain in their back or neck it may be worth consulting one of our Osteopaths prior to participating in this course.

For more information or to book in please contact our reception team. Ph.03 9431 5773