Osteopathy / Exercise Prescription / Pilates Consultations

Accessing health services is not always an easy task and it is for this reason that Gateway Osteopathy & Pilates is now offering the ability to speak with a practitioner online using a video conferencing software.

You could be anywhere in the world and have an appointment online to discuss your condition, management and exercise programs that may assist your recovery the management of your injury.

Why might you have an online consult?

There are a number of reasons why an online consult may suit you, perhaps you’re time poor, physically unable to attend the clinic, you may be immunocompromised and not wanting to risk going out too much, or in more recent times you may be at risk of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world.

How does an online consultation work?

1. You can make an appointment either online or contact us by phone or email.

2. You’ll be asked to download an App we use called Physiapp. 

3. Login to the app to ensure it works, then at the specified appointment date and time be logged in and your practitioner will meet you online.

4. Your practitioner will ask you history questions about your injury and overall health status and discuss your goals and objectives.

5. Next your practitioner will discuss a suitable management plan for your condition which may include stretching, exercises, health modifications, and self myofascial release techniques using items such as spikey balls or rollers.
* Please note depending upon the complexity of your presenting complaints or your injuries, your Practitioner may be able to deliver you a program on the spot, however it is possible that your practitioner may schedule another appointment to take you through that program.

6. The App we use has the ability to monitor your compliance and progress and as such it can be good to know your practitioner can check up on your progress. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

* Will my Private Health insurance cover any of my online consultations?
– Not as yet, however it may be worth checking with them as this is a developing area and your fund may be more progressive.

  • Can I clam with Medicare’s Chronic Disease Management Programs?
    – We don’t believe that you can as yet, however this may be worth checking in on from time to time as this may change.
  • How do I prepare for my appointment?
  • What should I wear?
    Comfortable clothing – many people choose exercise clothing.
  • .What equipment do I need to have with me?
    It will depend what you have at home, items such as foam rollers, spikey balls, theraband and weights are often handy, you may be so lucky as to have a home gym setup but this is not necessary.  Sometimes patients can use cans of food as weights and towels to assist with stretches. Items you use can be an evolving discussion with your practitioner.

How much does an online consult cost?

$67 for a 30 min consult
$35 for a 15 min follow up consult


* How do I pay? 

We will send you an invoice from our accounting software Xero – you can pay online.